The Historic Barber's Burying Ground

Welcome to the home page of the Barber's Burying Ground.

Located in the township of Delaware, in the county of Hunterdon in western New Jersey, the unusual name of this cemetery conveys its historical roots.

Established almost 30 years before the Continental Army marched past its entrance on its way to fulfill its destiny at the Battle of Monmouth, this modest cemetery is surrounded by scenic farmland and its appearance today remains relatively unchanged since the 18th century.

Buried on this two acre parcel of land are settlers, yeoman, farmers, teachers, business owners, African-American slaves, a U.S. Senator and veterans of wars stretching from the Revolution to Vietnam.

Founded as a family burial site, with no affiliation to an established religious organization, the cemetery gradually grew as first relatives, and then neighbors and friends, selected this location as a final resting place for their deceased loved ones.

Barber's Burial Ground remains active today and is maintained and operated by a small team of dedicated volunteers.