Plots Plots are available for purchase in the new section of the cemetery

Foreground shows the undeveloped section of Barber's Burying Ground at sunset.

Barber's Cemetery has a large number of plots and individual graves available. If you are interested in a traditional burial for a loved one or are preplanning for yourself, please allow us to assist you.

All of our cemetery spaces will accomodate both casketed and cremated remains.

Making arrangements in advance will reduce the anxiety of decision making on family members during what will surely be a time of intense, emotional distress.

A first step to preplanning is to schedule a meeting with the cemetery's property manager. See the contact link for details.

Pricing for a single grave is currently $1000.

A plot, which consists of four contiguous graves, is $4000.

Internment of cremated remains is $500.

All of the funds collected, both from the sale of graves and from tax-deductable donations, are used for lawn care and other routine maintenance of the cemetery grounds.