Join Us Please consider volunteering some of your time and talents to our association.

Because of the hectic schedules that are typical of daily life today, volunteer organizations are finding it more difficult to recruit new members. Our association does not impose any commitments on those who join other than to ask for their occasional participation. This participation is typically limited to attending an annual business meeting or the semi-annual clean up of the Cemetery grounds.

Having said that, there are a number of more difficult and time-consuming projects that are worthwhile to consider. Some of these might meet the criteria for an Eagle Scout Service Project and are detailed at right.

Others are more demanding physically and include (1) resetting fallen headstones, (2) repairing sections of the stone wall, (3) trimming some of the pine trees that surround the property, and (4) dismantling and removing a small wooden structure on the premises.

A survey of the new section of the cemetery was completed in August of 2001. At that time, physical markers were installed to denote sections, rows and plots. The original markers were aluminum and extended up from the ground. Over the years they became displaced or lost. We would like to restore these markers using a more substantial and permanent fixture.
Deceased African-Americans, at least some of which were slaves or former slaves, were not permitted to be buried within the walls of the Cemetery proper. Instead, they were buried on a sloping hill outside of the front wall. Segregated in death, as they were in life, their names known but to God, a memorial to recognize and commemorate their existence would be a small expression of veneration.
Available software products for Cemetery management are typically expensive and designed for large operations. Many small cemeteries are still managed today using paper records. The need exists to create an open source, SQL database program for cemetery management, releasable to the public under the GPL.